Helping people grow in the knowledge of Jesus


Empowering believers to build a more Passionate, Personal and Powerful relationship with our LORD, Savior and role model that we may become more like Him.

Class Overview

learn about Jesus Christ

In order to get to know Jesus, we are going to embark on a three-year journey through His life and teachings. The objective is to get to know Him more intimately in an effort to become more like Him. We want to see and feel what He taught and what He did, so we will be able to live our lives more like God wants us to live. We will use Jesus as our role model.

The agenda is to study the Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, taking the events of Christ’s life in chronological order as best we can determine. The four Gospels will be arranged side by side when appropriate so that we may see how each writer saw the event being described. This will enable us to get a better view of what happened, and how it was understood at that time.


Why just the four Gospels?

We will be using Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in our study as our main study books. They give the historical record of Jesus’ life and teachings on this earth. By concentrating on the Gospels and what they say, as well as, how they were understood by the early readers, we will be more able to apply to our own lives. The end goal is to get to know Jesus more intimately.


We will cite passages from the Old Testament, since the early readers had those to reference. We will not quote New Testament writers because the first Christians would not have had access to those writings. Our desire is to see Jesus from the perspective of the first readers who may not have been aware of the Epistles and other New Testament writings.