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You see, what you’re about to find out is something more valuable to you than any possession you own or even think of owning.  Yes, I mean it – cars, houses, anything!  Life on this earth is fleeting, but you can embark on a journey that will discover life that is more satisfying than anything else on earth.


What are you going to discover is a power – a life-changing power – that helps you to become all God intends for you to be.


This power allows you to access your subconscious, so you can change your programming.  So that you can change unwanted habits of sinful, negative thought and action to the positive, life-changing empowering habits you want to have.  This power helps you recognize and overcome temptation to sin.



Why is this so important? We mortals are all creatures of habit.  Habits go very deep.  They are held in the subconscious part of our minds.  We become used to responding to temptations in ways that are defeating.  Decisions we make consciously are all very well intended, but they don’t always work.  No deep enough to make real changes or to make them stick.



We all know people who make wonderful promises to themselves, only to find they keep slipping back into well worn patterns of old sinful habits.  Perhaps you’re one of those people.  Most of us are.  We want to change and do the right thing, but we are so defeated by past behavior that we don’t realize Jesus’ power within us.



Let’s take an example.  If you’ve overeaten for years, your mind is programmed as an overeater.  All the horror stories about how fat you are and how soon you will die may convince you to change, but they won’t make changing easy.  Not as long as your mind is still programmed as an overeater.  In fact, until you change your subconscious programming, quitting is impossible.



The same is true, not only for habits like smoking, drugs, and alcohol, but for internal habits like procrastination or not managing your time.  Then there are habits of thought, possibly the worst of all because they are so subtle.  Satan has many ways to defeat us and keep us under his control.



You may not even know you have bad habits.  If you grew up in poverty, you may have habits of thinking like a poor person, and even if you win the lottery or inherit millions, that thinking can keep sabotaging you until you’re right back where you started.  There are habits like putting yourself down, not believing in your own abilities, believing that you will always be overweight or in poor health, that you are unattractive or stupid, or that you will never find a fulfilling loving relationship – all habits of thought that can keep you stuck where you are for the rest of your life.



But think about this:  Studying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ can free you from all that is holding you back – the only thing preventing you from having the freedom from guilt and shame that you’ve always wanted in life.  I really do mean freedom – in areas of health, financial management, love, career, happiness – everything.  Jesus frees us.



The reality is that you can have power over controlling temptations.  Now here’s the bad news and the good news.  The bad news is you can’t get it by sitting around waiting for someone else to do it for you.  It’s up to you.  The good news is the same news:  It’s up to you.  That means you’re not at anyone’s mercy.  You’re not a victim of your own past.  You can change it!



Now, I’m not telling you that our Walking With Jesus Three-Year Journey will do all these wonderful things for you.


But it can, and will  help remove your limitations.  Then you can do what Jesus taught and did, and conquer the negatives in your life.  Jesus will help you live up to your own highest potential.  Walking With Jesus will help you discover your gifts and abilities and use them in a life-changing fulfilling way.


Now, stop a minute and take stock:  If those last sentences triggered any self doubts, if you heard a voice saying, “Who me?  Do wonderful things?  I’m not so sure,” you just heard a perfect example of your subconscious undermining your own confidence.  Back to what I was saying.



Your conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg.



Your subconscious I the vastly stronger and more powerful part of your mind, the part that’s really in charge.  How can you reach your subconscious?  Most self help methods address only your conscious mind, and if you’re lucky a little bit filters down to your subconscious.



You have a rare and wonderful treat in store for you now.  If you’re really serious about reaching your goals, this Three Year Walking With Jesus Journey will show you exactly how to do it.  And I know you can do it.



This Comprehensive Relationship Building, Life-Changing Program Gives You Everything You Really Want in Life!  Walking With Jesus is already changing 1,000’s of lives in over 40 foreign countries.






You’ll Never “Try” to Achieve a Goal Again…Now They Will Predictably Happen because Jesus Christ changes us from the inside!  And His teachings Magically Manifest themselves in your life!


No matter what you have done in the past, Jesus can help you become who God created you to be.  You will recognize temptation, resist sin, have greater self-confidence and the personal power to exercise greater control in your life.  You will recognize your gifts and use them to love God and serve others in a powerfully fulfilling way.


You want a goal attainment program that is actually going to accomplish what it sets out to do:  Help you become more like Christ and apply His teachings and power in your life as you serve others.


You read each week’s Walking With Jesus lesson and let His influence and teachings accomplish His purpose for your life.  That’s simple enough.


But somewhere along the way your good intentions and your goal sheets just don’t get you anywhere.  They just don’t work!  Why?


They all attempt to teach “setting a goal…” that is based on this world and not thinking of God’s greater picture.


No man-made goal system until today is designed to actually show you how to establish right goals.


Perhaps you want to lose some weight, have a better marriage, improve your job situation.


You’ve got a great goal and I admire your outlook and worthwhile desire, however, for a dozen reasons too lengthy to describe here, the odds are stacked against you even if you buy a goal achieving system from the greatest goal setting guru in the business.


Our Walking With Jesus Three-Year Journey is designed specifically with you in mind to overcome the odds against you.



Here’s what’s unsettling…


There is a lot behind Achieving a Successful Life that is contrary to what you really need to change.  Your current habits and the way you utilize your time is too self-focused and out of balance.  Your philosophy about your personal power and how to increase it is too selfish, worldly and ultimately unfulfilling.


A lot of us are religious about setting goals like losing weight but we still seem to gain it back.  When it comes to those big goals, they never seem to be within our reach.  Temptation has more power over us than we are exercising over it.


Translation:  Slick goal setting systems with slightly improved bells and whistles aren’t causing success to connect with other successes anywhere except in people’s dreams.  Typical Goal Setting doesn’t deal with the root problem.


What is the secret ingredient behind Walking With Jesus Three-year Journey that opens the door to your probability for success?


Actually it’s building a Passionate, Personal and Powerful relationship with Jesus Christ over three years that will provide a step by step, day by day gradual journey through simple to learn and easy to use tools Jesus designed with you in mind.


You will be guided by a Bible study lesson on a weekly basis that will help you see what you are doing right and what you need to change.  Your focus group will be your accountability partner in taking you step by step through the Three-year Challenge.


These weekly visits with Jesus will acquaint you with a new way of looking at the world and your life from a Godly point of view.  The steps will help you re-program your mind to see things Jesus’ away for maximum achievement and help you to become aware of and eliminate mental obstacles, temptations and blocks.  These steps will help you become all that God has designed you to be.  Realize His power to empower you to be the best at what you are to be.


Best of all, our technology delivers most of these enhancements while you relax.  You still have to apply His teachings over your three year vision, so don’t think this is a total walk in the park.  And by the way there will be a few other helps to pay attention to as well.


What I really want for you…is to HAVE the peace, success in your career and power over sin that you really want in life because YOU CHOOSE it and you, through Jesus working in your life, ARE in control of your life.  There’s nothing to “wish for”.


You are literally going to learn the answer to What Would Jesus Do.


Learn how to access where you are as you observe Jesus’ life and teachings, develop the goals for where you want to be, plan how to get there, implement your plan and evaluate your results every seven days.


Jesus will help you create a sequence of events in your life that make certain it will happen.  The language then represents, “I’m going to live more like Jesus, come and join me”.


Most people never look at Jesus Christ as their role model.




Jesus has experienced everything on this earth that you have to deal with and He knows how to handle those situations every time.


Your becoming like Jesus is always the outcome of your thoughts and study.


You learn to think and act more like Christ everyday and this process energizes your manifesting capacity to Influence Outcomes You Want When you Want Them.


Your life almost certainly won’t happen because your selfishness and lack of guidance reacts to your dream by conjuring up all kinds of reasons why it is impossible to achieve.  This self-talk is not you.  This self-talk is the devil’s programming you have been hearing all your life.


The instruction you will experience during your Walking With Jesus Three-Year Journey will over-write your negative programming with positive “can do” affirmations.  Your negative self-talk will have less and less influence as your awareness of your thought creates your ability to shift your attention to think and act more like Christ.  In effect you will become the victor over sin in your life.


You’ll learn precisely how to harness your personal powers over sin and temptation during your Walking With Jesus Three-year Journey.


Jesus Christ’ life and teachings are absolutely, incredibly Amazing!


Jesus was a part of creation.  He was with the Father throughout the 4,000 years from Adam to His coming to earth to live among us.  Experiencing life as a human, He understands the pressures, temptations, trials and tribulations that are a part of this life.  There is no one more uniquely qualified to show us how God wants us to live than Jesus.  (Hebrews 2:14-18; 4:14-16)  He wants us to follow His example (John 13:13-17; I Corinthians 11:1; I Peter 2:21)


Our Walking With Jesus Three-year Journey rewires your mental circuits so that your brain becomes your Godly goal achieving friend!


With your brain working for God instead of against God, you will become a goal achieving giant!  The added peace, joy and satisfaction you are dreaming about, the home and the relationship of your life and all become real possibilities!


Other Goal Setting Systems Just Don’t Work.  Finally:  A Return to the Original Model – Jesus Christ.


The Walking With Jesus Three-year Journey is the product of what God did when He sent His Son to live among us, show us how to live and then pay the penalty for all of the times we failed to measure up to God’s standard.  Walking With Jesus equips us to follow our role model.


Becoming more like Jesus Christ Can Be Learned and Mastered.


Learn how to process temptations, handle pressures, rejection and emotional needs, anything where your behavioral history isn’t a significant obstacle, in these cases Jesus helps you create a system to achieve.


And that’s where the gurus and other programs fall short.


Walking With Jesus Encompasses Far More than the Goal Setting.

It also is a relationship building, life-changing and empowering journey that will give you greater power, direction, confidence and peace that comes from each victory over sin and temptation.


The fact is that becoming like Jesus Christ is more than goal setting and achievement.  Goal setting and achievement is the result of your personal powers being enhanced by Jesus’ life and influence so that you have the capability and self confidence to be all God has created you to be.  OK, how do I do that, you ask?


This is where the personal time with Jesus comes into play.  Walking With Jesus provides an understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ that will change your sub-conscious mind with the new instructions necessary to live a life more satisfying and meaningful. 


No one ever before has assembled the complete life and teachings of Jesus Christ in the way that you are about to experience during your Walking With Jesus Three-Year Journey:

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