Walking With Jesus - a complete Bible study of every event in Jesus' life from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.



Walking With Jesus online college
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Walking With Jesus Bible Study Series
is now available as an online college course.

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"Walking with Jesus" is a non-denominational Bible Study about Jesus that concentrates on the 4 gospels taking the events in Christ's life in chronological order so each writer can describe the event from his own perspective and through them you will come to know Jesus from the perspective of those closest to the time in which he lived.

Now you can walk with Jesus through His entire life and teachings.


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You will be “Walking With Jesus” from Your First Lesson!

From the first page, you will be introduced to a life-changing journey as you follow the footsteps of Jesus from the annunciation through his lowly Birth in Bethlehem to His Ascension into heaven, sitting on the right-hand of His Father, who gave his only Son to live among us and die for our sins that we might live forever with Him.

Who Was Walking With Jesus Written For?

It Was Written for You. It is written for anyone who is would  like to learn about Jesus Christ. The Bible Lessons found in “Walking With Jesus” offer you the moral absolute you’re seeking – one that provides security and hope instead of the hedonistic selfishness that will leave you empty and lonely.

It Was Written for Ministers, Reverends, Bishops, Parsons, Rabbis, Pastors, Priests, Nuns, and all who teach the Word of God and His only Son to others. Because “Walking With Jesus” is written from a non-denominational perspective, you can take the lessons, the Thought & Discussion Questions and integrate them into your Bible Studies classes, your sermons, your one-on-one conversations with those you teach and counsel.


It Was Written for Students. Lay Bible students from all walks of life …from all denominations … from all levels of Bible study…who want to know Jesus in a way they had previously never experienced… students at institutions of Bible learning who want to expand their knowledge of Jesus the boy, the man, the leader of men, the Son of God, will find a unique perspective about the life of Jesus Christ … all in an easily understood format that enhances learning and understanding. Each will take away a personal relationship with Our Lord and get to know Jesus on their own.

It Was Written for New Believers. “I’ve just accepted Jesus, but I don’t know anything about Him.” Once you’ve found the Lord, what better way to get to know Him than to walk with Him as He moved from Child of God to Son of God on earth? As you are Walking With Jesus, you will get to know Jesus in a way personal to you…and through Him learn how to become a better person.

It Was Written for Senior Citizens. “I’m going to heaven soon and I want to cram for finals.”

No matter what time of your life you come to know Our Lord, the most important thing to know is that you know Him and you are ready to join Him in eternity. As you get older, and realize your only salvation is through His infinite forgiveness, “Walking With Jesus” is a way for you to get your life in order before you have the opportunity to meet the Lord.

It Was Written for Families. For families seeking to gain a deeper understanding of their relationship with Jesus, nothing could be better than using “Walking With Jesus” as a guide for each member of the family, young and old, to get to know Jesus on a personal basis. The Commentary establishing the historical context for each lesson, the Scripture and Discussion Guide with questions are perfect for family learning and sharing.

It Was Written for Teachers. Teachers who specialize in teaching the life of Christ from Birth to Crucifixion to Ascension will find “Walking With Jesus” an invaluable tool. Not only does it come complete with commentary, lesson plans and discussion questions, but also it allows sufficient room for notes on each page under discussion. It’s a wonderful text that each student (and teacher!) will want to keep as part of their personal library for years to come.

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