How understanding Jesus's life will change yours

Understanding Jesus's Life

What is it about Jesus? Why is it so important to understand His life and teachings? How can you understand someone that you don’t know? How can you learn about Jesus’ life and teachings if you haven’t taken the time to read and study what the Gospels say about Him?

No one has had as much impact on the world as Jesus Christ. There have been many “great” leaders, but no one as great, world-impacting, life-changing as our LORD & Savior and role model – Jesus Christ.

Jesus shows us how to live. He is God living on earth in a human body. He was tempted in every way that we have, without sinning. He knows how to handle every situation we will ever have to deal with in our lives. Jesus is our role model.

Understanding Him is essential to becoming like Him. We will better understand what he taught by studying Jesus’ life and teachings. In this process, we will become more like Him. By studying his life, we will learn: “What Would Jesus Do?”

By putting Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John together, you get a much fuller understanding of what Jesus taught and how it applies to your life today. You will see it from each writer’s perspective and see how each tells about the same person, but to a different audience and from their point of view.

Complete 90% (144) of the 160 lessons and earn a “Certificate of Apostleship” (One sent on a mission). (A Certificate of Achievement is available for those who object to being considered apostles.

“Earn college credits!

Enroll through Precision Vision College online study and earn 60 credits upon completing the entire Walking With Jesus Bible Study Series.”

Certificate of Apostleship available to students after 90% completion of WALKING WITH JESUS Online College Bible Study Course with lifetime access.

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Get a free eBook containing the first 10 lessons of the Walking With Jesus Bible Study Series!