It’s Never Too Late for a New Beginning

That antique table caught his eye at one of those farmhouse auctions. For many years, probably decades, it had just sat out in the barn. Chickens had roosted on it. Old greasy tools had sat on it. In fact, through the years all sorts of trash had been thrown on it. It was filthy and flimsy, and when the auctioneer called its number, no one even made a bid on it.

God & Government – Part 1

1. God & Government in the Old Testament
Patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob – 4,000 B.C. They were the oldest male in the family clan. All were recognized as authorities over their respective clans.

Judges – God used Judges after the Israelites became more and more of a nation. They were “the government” of God’s people until the time of the Kings.

Exodus 18:13–26 – Moses was called a judge.

Exodus 18:13–26 – God called for judges to be appointed through Israel.

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