Volume 3 – Walking With Jesus


Join the second year of ministry as it ends, and journey into the third year of ministry with a final visit to Galilee. Jesus preaches from Tyre and Sidon through Decapolis to Jerusalem six months before He is to die.

In this volume, Jesus returns to Capernaum, raises Jarius’ daughter from the dead, and makes His last visit to Nazareth. He concludes His ministry in Galilee at the beginning of His third year of ministry, sends out the twelve to evangelize, laments the death of John the Baptist, and celebrates as the Apostles return from evangelizing and reporting. He feeds the 5000, walks on water, and preaches the sermon on the Bread of Life. Jesus travels to Tyre and Sidon, through Decapolis, feeds the 4,000, and is transfigured. He teaches about the greater and little in the Kingdom. Then He travels to Jerusalem for the last Feast of Tabernacles before He is crucified. During this time, the Jewish rulers plot to kill Jesus, and an adulterous woman is brought to Him to try to trap Him.

26 Lessons, 339 pages.

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