Volumes 1-6 – Walking With Jesus (Full Set)


This is the complete series of the Walking With Jesus Bible Study Series. All six volumes (over 1,600 pages.)


Summary of the six volumes of the
Walking With Jesus Bible Study Series

Volume 1 – Walking With Jesus

Our journey starts with Introductions to the Gospels, writers. Then come along for Jesus’ annunciation, birth, and baptism. Finish the first year of Jesus’ ministry from Judea to Galilee.

26 Lessons, 354 pages.

Volume 2 – Walking With Jesus

Enter into the second year of ministry to the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus preaches and teaches through Galilee gaining more attention from crowds and politicians.

27 Lessons, 335 pages.

Volume 3 – Walking With Jesus

Join the second year of ministry as it ends, and journey into the third year of ministry with a final visit to Galilee. Jesus preaches from Tyre and Sidon through Decapolis to Jerusalem six months before He is to die.

26 Lessons, 339 pages.

Volume 4 – Walking With Jesus

Spend more time with Jesus teaching His Apostles as His ministry ends. He is headed towards Jerusalem to die for our sins.

27 Lessons, 323 pages.

Volume 5 – Walking With Jesus

Journey with Jesus to Jerusalem as He enters triumphantly. Events of the early part of Jesus last week before He is crucified begin to unfold.

26 Lessons, 340 pages.

Volume 6 – Walking With Jesus

Witness as Jesus finishes his ministry, is secretly arrested, and begins His public trial. Jesus is crucified, buried, then rises and appears to commissions the Apostles before ascending into Heaven.

27 Lessons, 373 pages.

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