Restoring the UNITED States

Restoring the UNITED States!

By Dr. Glen M. Copple, Litt.D.

Matthew 28:18-20

Many are disturbed at the divisiveness and disunity currently being propagated in America. This became a problem in the last ten years as various groups were instigated to agitate, make claims that were often times false or misrepresented, only for the purpose of stirring up division and causing riots, violence and destroying the “united” on which our states were formed. In reality, the real problem is as old as our nation.

Our Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights grew out of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence was strongly influenced by the desire for freedom from a government imposing their religion on us and restricting our freedom to worship as we understood the Bible. They imposed heavy taxes on us and would not allow us representation regarding various taxes, laws, rights and freedoms that we sought over here.

Another serious problem is the sin that has been perpetuated through this divisive spirit over the past ten years. Abortion is 50 years old. Taking God and prayer out of school is almost as old. More recently are the issues like Black Lives Matter, illegal immigration and #MeToo (which backfired on many liberals) and “white male privilege. Add to this the homosexual immorality that is being condoned and promoted. Even some Christians have tried to suggest that Jesus would be okay with homosexual marriage. Party politics has become more important than the Constitution and acting in the best interests of the citizens. We have a disunity and sin problem in America that is dividing and destroying our nation from the inside out. We seriously need to focus some our attention and efforts to resolve this problem.

We need to UNITE the States again. How do we do it and make it work?

1. The REAL Solution is JESUS CHRIST. Matthew 28:18

Acts 4:12 – Jesus is the only way to eternal life.

John 14:6 – The one thing (person) ALL churches agree on. Unite around Christ. That is the “pillar” on which all churches stand. John 17:20-23 – Jesus prayed that all Christians be united.

When the churches band together, we have a strong voice in our government. When we dicker with each other’s viewpoints, we aid Satan in undermining the work God has called us to do.

We should focus on that which we have in common – Jesus as LORD, Bible as God’s Word and our final authority and being family (with individual personalities in relating to worship and Christian living) and we have a UNITED voice.


2. The REAL Solution is to TELL others about Christ. Matthew 28:19.

Evangelize any and every way you can and pray for others to do likewise.

There are many ways to evangelize.

Jesus video’s in door hangers.

Having someone you want to reach for Christ over for dinner.

Face-to-face inviting people to church.

VBS – for children in the neighborhood

Joining a social or civic organization and looking to influence them to follow Jesus.

Baking some cookies to give to a neighbor or inviting someone over for desert.

Funding ministers and ministries that are focused on teaching people about Jesus salvation and way of living.

And more…

Begin with praying for God to use you to reach out to others in the way that is most effective for you and His Kingdom. Then look for opportunity to put it to practice.