O what we will do to change our image – makeup, clothing styles, behaviors, activities, medical help, etc. We will even change the rules of the game so we can justify our behavior and pretend we do not have to abide by what the real rules are. We say it is unfair when someone else imposes their rules on us.

Stay Strong

Doing something for the first time can be very hard. Speaking in public. Preaching my first sermon. First day on a new job. Substitute teacher. (“What am I doing here?”) Soldier going into battle – very scary. Continuing to work on a goal, dream or project and not succeeding can also be very hard.

God & Politics

Some people have tried to misstate that the church should stay out of politics. That is a very mistaken notion that is not supported in Scripture. Here are some observations on the history of God’s people and their involvement either in government or speaking to or about the rights and wrongs of their governing leaders.


Years ago, I heard a sermon by a man in his 50’ about being adopted by his aunt for inheritance purposes. His aunt wanted to leave her estate to him and adoption provided a better avenue to do that.

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