Some people have tried to misstate that the church should stay out of politics. That is a very mistaken notion that is not supported in Scripture. Here are some observations on the history of God’s people and their involvement either in government or speaking to or about the rights and wrongs of their governing leaders.

1. The Old Testament is filled with leaders chosen and directed by God. Moses, Joshua, David were leaders appointed by God. The Judges were “the government” and called by God. The Old Testament prophets engaged the government of their day with the warnings of God to repent.

2. Jesus and the Apostles frequently testified before (or warned against the abuses of) local and national government leaders (Ananias, Caiaphas, Herod, Pilate, Felix, Festus – to name a few). Paul even testified in Caesar’s household in Rome.

3. Our nation was founded on Christian values. The Puritans and Pilgrims came to America to escape the religious persecution they were experiencing in England. The Declaration of Independence references God four times in its wording.

4. Many of the recruiters and commanders in the Revolutionary War were ministers fighting England for religious freedom.

5. Our ultimate freedom comes from God, not government. Government cannot fix what is wrong with man. Only Jesus Christ can do that. (Government tries to regulate by threat of fine or imprisonment, but it only works if the people choose to obey.) Government’s main job is to protect the rights and freedom of the people from all threats foreign and domestic. (Christians are NOT a “threat” of any kind to any people.)

6. It is our responsibility as Christians to hold our government leaders to God’s standards.

Much of the reason we have the corruption, sexual immorality of all kinds, lying, cheating, etc. in our culture today is because Christians disengaged in standing for what the Bible teaches about what is right or wrong.

It is time for all Christians to get back to being involved in government.

  1. Support government leaders and candidates that stand for Godly values and recognize Jesus Christ as the ultimate governing leader.
  2. Communicate with government leaders and let them know what God teaches is right and wrong about various pieces of legislation.
  3. Pray for all government leaders to follow God’s teachings regarding the laws that they propose and pass.
  4. Don’t allow atheists, homosexual activists, Muslim extremists or any of these divisive groups to take away our Christian rights and freedoms as guaranteed in the First Amendment.

God Bless America in Jesus’ Name!