Matthew 22:1-14

I Peter 2:4-12 – chosen as precious to God

Years ago, I heard a sermon by a man in his 50’ about being adopted by his aunt for inheritance purposes. His aunt wanted to leave her estate to him and adoption provided a better avenue to do that.

Growing up as children, we wanted to be chosen – to hold the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance at school or to pass out papers – to play on this team or to be a lead in that special production or have a solo part in a musical.

As adults, the Bride in her beauty shines and is full of joy in declaring that “I have been chosen” by this man to be his wife. The man cherishes being chosen for that special job or worthy of that promotion.

As great as this all is, there is one more “CHOSEN” that we desire, whether we realize it or not, that surpasses all other “chosens” we could ever desire. We were CHOSEN by GOD to be His children:

1. For ETERNAL LIFE. – I Peter 2:4

Matthew 11:27

Romans 11:5 – chosen and justified by grace! Mark 13:20, 26, 31; Ephesians 1:11; I Thessalonians 1:4; II Thessalonians 2:13-15; I Peter 1:2 – chosen for eternal life

What could we desire more than to know that we have life after this life in a place where there is no pain, suffering, sickness, hunger or death? No more evil, not more starvation, too hot or too cold. Heaven with God and Jesus is a perfect world far beyond our imagination.

We can face death with defiance because we believe (in Faith) that God will give us eternal life because of our faith in Jesus as our LORD and Savior. Christians, throughout history have endured horrible persecution and torture and death because they have faith in God’s promise of eternal life in Heaven. You can kill my body, but you cannot kill my soul.

2. Chosen for Special PURPOSE – John 15:6

Chosen to “bear fruit” (serve in God’s Kingdom)

We all want to believe that our life has a purpose – for the greater good (and pleasure) of others. We derive value when we do something and people like us for it.

God believes that you can actually do something good for His Kingdom and for others around you. You are chosen because you can contribute!

You may not be the first one chosen on the baseball team, but you might be the best artist in the classroom. You may not have been the chosen cheerleader, but you might be the best one to organize the Senior Prom.

You may not be chosen to be a preacher or Bible teacher, but you may be the best maintenance, cleaning, visitation, card-sending person in the church.

3. Chosen for special PROTECTION – Luke 18:7

God limits how strongly Satan can tempt us. I Corinthians 10:13

When people come against you because you were not as fast, strong or smart as …, God chose YOU! He may not have chosen you for that position, but He does have something that you are the best person to do. He doesn’t always choose the qualified, but He always Qualifies those He chooses.

God protected the Protestants in England against an attack by Catholics from Spain. God helped Christians drive back the Muslims in the Middle Ages. God has protected Israel in spite of repeated attempts by Palestinians and others to drive them from the face of this earth and their home land. Notice how God protected George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

So how do we handle being “Chosen”?

4. ACT like chosen ones – in right living and humility.

Colossians 3:12

Too many people today are not acting like they belong to God. They are living like the world because they don’t want to be rejected by the world, or are measuring their lives by their (false) perception of the world or they think the world is more “fun” than following Jesus Christ.

With such a privilege, shouldn’t we want to honor the one who chose us?

Will – chose his adopted mother. Allan – chose his aunt who raised him. Ray was adopted by his aunt, who raised him, for inheritance purposes.

Likewise, you can chose to honor God and Jesus Christ who adopted you into their eternal family.

Will you stand as one CHOSEN for Christ?