We brought nothing into the world, so we can take nothing out. But, if we have food and clothes, we will be satisfied with that. 1 Timothy 6:7-8

Satisfied? That is one thing we are not. We are not satisfied. We take a vacation of a lifetime. We satiate ourselves with sun, fun, and good food. But we are not even on the way home before we dread the end of the trip and begin planning another. We are not satisfied. As a child we say, “If only I were a teenager.” As a teen we say, “If only I were an adult.” As an adult, “If only I were married.” As a spouse, “If only I had kids,” then “If only our kids were grown”. We are not satisfied. Everyone has an “If only…” list.

CONTENTMENT is a difficult virtue. Why? Because there is nothing on earth that can satisfy our deepest longing. We long to see God. The leaves of life are rustling with the rumor that we will — and we won’t be satisfied until we do.

We were made for HEAVEN – John 18:36

Unhappiness on earth cultivates a hunger for Heaven. By gracing us with a deep dissatisfaction, God holds our attention. The only tragedy, then, is to be satisfied prematurely. To settle for earth. To be content in a strange land. We are not happy here because we are not at home here.

We are not happy here because earth is not our ultimate destination. A recent conversation with my brother talked about welcoming the deterioration of our bodies, otherwise, we would never get to Heaven. That doesn’t mean we should hasten our departure. But we should recognize that it is a part of the natural process that will eventually free our spirit from the flesh to enter eternity in its fullest.

2. We are like FOREIGNERS in this world. – 1 Peter 2:11

And you will never be completely happy on earth simply because you were not made for earth. Oh, you will have your moments of joy. You will catch glimpses of light. You will know moments or even days of peace. But they simply do not compare with the happiness that lies ahead. Build memories with your family and friends.

We are here to be examples, role models to the world of the difference forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ makes in our lives. We are here to show and teach them how they can be forgiven and live forever.

3. We are a SACRED DELIGHT – Matthew 5:3-10

God promises sacred delight. And He promises it to an unlikely crowd. In the Sermon on the Mount, listen to who Jesus says are blessed.

· “The poor in spirit” are like beggars in God’s soup kitchen. They know their spiritual condition and are seeking God’s eternal “food” to bring life to them. Romans 3:23

· “Those who mourn” are the “Sinners Anonymous” who are bound together by the truth of their introduction, “Hi, I am me. I’m a sinner.” They are sorry for their sin and sincerely seek to recognize temptation and turn away before it becomes sin in their life. They also are engaged in telling the world what is wrong, and why those sinful actions are destructive and harmful. Luke 18:13

· “The merciful” are winners of the million-dollar lottery who share the prize with their enemies. When we realize that we have been given eternal life – a gift that is far more valuable than all the money on this earth – we want others to know so that they will find God’s forgiveness of sin and build their relationship with Jesus Christ. I Timothy 1:16

· “The pure in heart” reflects physicians who love lepers and escape infection. Lepers are the “outcasts”, the “undesirables”. Our goal is to heal where we can heal, comfort where we can’t heal and show God’s eternal hope to give peace to those who are perishing. We sincerely seek the best for others around them. James 5:16

· “The peacemakers” are the architects who build bridges with wood from a Roman cross. They seek to dissolve conflict. They look for ways to “build bridges” where they can teach and influence others away from sin, violence and conflict and bring peace and salvation to those who are at odds with God. Luke 13:31-32

· “The persecuted” include those who manage to keep an eye on Heaven while walking through hell on earth. It is to this band of pilgrims that God promises a special blessing. A heavenly joy. A sacred delight. Acts 7:57-60

4. God LOVES you and has a wonderful PLAN for your life. – Jeremiah 29:11

Part of your calling in life is to seek how God can use you, make yourself available to Him and to others and let the Holy Spirit do that which you are gifted to do for His Kingdom. Don’t get so caught up in believing that anything, more money, better health, a nicer home, newer car or fancier this or that will bring you real lasting satisfaction. As soon as you get it, you will immediately want something else. Instead, focus on your relationship with God and let the promise and hope of Heaven bring you a satisfaction far beyond the reach of this world.

Are you satisfied? Is there really any greater satisfaction that you could desire than to know that you are being used by God for a wonderful purpose?

Do you have Jesus as your LORD, Savior and role model? Are you seeking how you can share God’s eternal satisfaction with others around you? That will bring a satisfaction that is far beyond anything you can seek on this earth.