Calling America to Turn Back to Jesus

By Dr. Glen M. Copple, Minister of the Word

Let’s get something started to bring a “Revival” to the United States. Most Christians will agree that we need another “Great Awakening” to call Christians back to being followers of Jesus Christ and restoring the Christian heritage that established our nation in the first place and has been a key factor in our national greatness. You can start right where you are and lay the groundwork for a revival like the world has not seen since the early days of the Church.

A “Great Awakening” occurs when significant numbers of people “wake up” and realize that they need to change their lives. A “Revival” is when people realize that they have been going down the “wrong path” and make an effort to return to the “right path”. Jewish history (in the Old Testament) is full of stories of when Israel realized that they weren’t walking right with God and remembered, repented, returned to following God. We need to Remember, Repent and Return to following Jesus Christ.

How do you start a revival? How do you create a “Great Awakening”?

  1. You go back to the origin and seek what started it all. Christianity was started by Jesus Christ when He established His church (Kingdom) by dying on the cross for the sins of those who repent, raising Himself from the dead (to prove He has power over death) and commissioned the Apostles to go and preach the Gospel – “Teaching them to observe ALL that I (Jesus) have told you”. (Matthew 28:20)
  2. The next step will be to engage in a study of every event in the life and teachings of Jesus to see what He taught and did and how we can become more like Him.
    1. But who has the time to put all four Gospels together chronologically, divide it into 160 lessons, add photographs, maps, charts, discussion questions, etc. to make a complete study of each event in Jesus’ life?
    2. You will want to look for a Bible study that has done all of this for you in advance so all you have to do is buy the books, read and benefit.
  3. Then it is time to take what you have learned and tell others so that they may also come to an understanding on how God wants them to live.
  4. You tell others locally, and across the nation, about how they can become a part of this “Revival” / “Great Awakening”. With your efforts, soon churches across America will return to studying and following Christ. (“Christians In Name Only” will likewise Remember, Repent and Return to being true followers of Jesus.

What will happen when the revival comes?

  1. Christians will start living like true followers of Christ. They will repent of those things that they are doing that are what the non-Christians do. They will become models that others will want to emulate.
  2. Christians who are following Jesus will stand up for what is right and truth in their communities and hold their community leaders to follow God’s moral absolutes. They will uphold the law!
  3. Christians who are following Jesus will be involved in government – encouraging government leaders to abide by God’s standards of right and wrong instead of inventing their own.
    1. The crime and evil in our cities will be significantly reduced.
    1. The corruption in our government will be stopped.
    1. The overall lawlessness that has become so common place will go away.
    1. Communities will again become safe and pleasant places to live.
    1. Marriages will be strengthened. Families will be more stable and wholesome environments in which to raise children.
    1. The sexual immorality and all that is a result of it will diminish significantly. (Along with a reduction of abortions, prostitution, rape, adultery, and all other sexual sins.)

How can YOU be a part of this “Revival” / “Great Awakening”?

  1. By getting your friends together and starting a Walking With Jesus Bible Study group to study and follow all that Jesus taught and did.
  2. Ordering the Walking With Jesus Bible study books and picking a time and date to get started.
  3. Reading through each lesson together and discussing what it means to you.

Why “Walking With Jesus”?

  1. Walking With Jesus is a complete Bible study of every event in the life of Christ as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
  2. Walking With Jesus is non-denominational. It focuses only on what Jesus taught and did.
  3. Walking With Jesus is “turn-key”, ready to use. No preparation or advance reading is necessary. Just open to the lesson together in your group, read and discuss.
  4. Walking With Jesus does not skip over anything that is recorded in the four Gospels. Every miracle, parable, healing, teaching is covered.

Go to and download the free eBook. It contains the first ten lessons of the Walking With Jesus Bible Study Series. See how the lessons are written. See how easy it is to read and apply each lesson as you progress through each event in Jesus’ life.

Then order your books for your small group and embark on a journey with Jesus as you walk through all that He taught and did.