Ten dead and ten wounded – What’s wrong with this picture? Three shot at a graduation, one killed. What is happening in our schools that wasn’t happening 20, 40 even 50 years ago?

Looking at what is different will help point to the only Real solution.

Getting more police on campus won’t stop the crimes. Arming teachers and allowing those who have concealed carry permits will help, but that is a band aid. It is not a solution to the REAL problem. That does nothing to address the underlying disease.

The REAL problem (underlying disease) is we have allowed the atheists to remove God, the Bible, prayer, respect for one another and the Ten Commandments from our classrooms. The REAL problem is that we consider abortion okay and then wonder what the difference is between killing an unborn baby and killing a classmate at school.

The REAL solution is to get back to following God’s moral absolutes – studying and following the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus teaches us to love one another. Jesus teaches that life has value and that murder is wrong.

When you are ready to learn all that Jesus taught and did, Walking With Jesus is a Bible study of every event in His life that will help you learn and follow God’s will for your life and help you stand for Christ in the public arena.

God Bless America in Jesus’ Name!