How Do I Walk With Jesus?

Christians around the world want to have a closer walk with Jesus. Their question will often be, “How do I walk with Jesus?

Walking With Jesus is first of all a state of mind. It is drawing so close to Jesus that you are constantly aware of His presence in you. It is being able in a flash to chat with Him as if He were right there with you in the room.

Walking With Jesus can be expressed and executed in several ways. Reading your Bible, especially in the Gospels, will help you be more aware of His presence. Speaking to Him in prayer – knowing that He IS listening will give you greater assurance and peace that comes from His immediate presence. Talking with Christian friends about a bible lesson or life event where you experienced Jesus’ involvement will be uplifting in your walk with Him. Engaging with someone you don’t really know or who may not be a believer will challenge you to call on Jesus for words of wisdom as you tell them about your faith and why you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and our LORD, Savior and role model.

As you see, there are several things that you can do that will help you improve your “walk with Jesus”.

The “Walking With Jesus” Bible Study Series will really help you “walk with Jesus”. As you take time, preferably with your friends, to study the next event as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, you will become more passionately aware of His love for you. Walking With Jesus will help you apply Jesus’ life and teachings more personally to your life. As you go through the Walking With Jesus lessons, you will become more powerful in recognizing and fighting temptation. You will be more powerful in sharing your faith with your friends. You will even be more powerful in standing up in your community for the truth of the Bible against the ungodly ways of the world.

Do you seriously want to “Walk with Jesus”?

Evaluate what you are already doing and ask yourself about what area you need to improve in. Get your friends together and tell them, “We believe in Jesus. Wouldn’t it be wise and appropriate to study His life and teachings to see how we can become more like Him?

Get started today. Go to and order copies “Walking With Jesus – Volume 1” for each member in your group. Set a time and place and embark on your adventure – journey with Jesus – by “Walking With Jesus”. Download the free eBook of the first ten lessons in the series.