The “Bump stock” was not the problem.

The number of guns and amount of ammo was not the problem.

Negative reaction to some medication was not the problem.

A psychosis suddenly flaring up was not the problem.

(This crime was planned for months in advance. That eliminates drugs or some sudden brain failure.)

The problem was a man who decided that he did not need to follow God’s teachings about loving God and loving people. The problem was a man who thought he was smarter than God. The problem was a man who was “purely evil”.


Way too many Americans have taken the teachings of the Bible for granted or they have never really studied and applied God’s Word to their lives. Too many Americans have replaced going to church with watching football, baseball or going to the beach or lake or “recreating”.

Too many Christian claim to follow Jesus Christ, but they are not studying His life and teachings as their road map or they are simply taking their SONday Morning Worship as sufficient input to make them “holy”. Then they go through the week like heathen and hope no one finds out that they claim to be Christians.

Don’t be a part of that crowd. You can do something to prevent future mass shootings, bombings, murders and crimes.

YOU can make sure you are following Jesus Christ.

YOU can make an effort to teach others about Christ and model how to follow Him.

YOU can engage school boards, city councils, county and state legislators and our national government and advise them about how pending legislation reflects or conflicts with the teachings of God’s Word!

YOU are the first step to teaching others to love one another, obey the law and live Godly lives.

Walking With Jesus is a complete Bible study of everything that Jesus taught and did. Learn how you can become more like Him. Build a Passionate, Personal and POWERFUL relationship with our LORD, Savior and role model.

God Bless America in Jesus’ Name!