It is amazing to see the liberals blame President Donald J. Trump for things that they started as though it is his fault.

It was Obama and Black Lives Matter that raised up the racism.

It was liberal “white supremists” that played the race card against the blacks.

It was progressive Antifa that has been engaging in violent demonstrations against anyone they don’t like.

It is the liberals who accuse a police officer when he shoots a criminal instead of blaming the criminal for not complying with the officer’s commands.

It is the liberals who don’t want to call “illegal” what it is – breaking the law, but instead want to allow them to continue to be illegal.

It is the liberals who show more sexism, racism, hatred, and engage in more voter fraud, corruption and disunity in America.

We are at war with an ideology that has forgotten God and the superiority of Jesus Christ as LORD and King.

Jesus teaches us to love one another. The liberals don’t show love to anyone who opposes their agenda.

Jesus teaches us to obey the law, even when we don’t think it is fair.

God ultimately allows leaders to be in power. This is a call and a challenge to Christians to make sure we put law-abiding people in places of government who will respect and uphold the United States Constitution.

Our freedom of religion (allowing other religions to “coexist”) comes from our Christian values.

Our compassion, charity, response to crisis, banding together to help one another comes from our Christian values.

Christianity teaches respect for women (as people, not as sex objects).

Christianity teaches love for those who are not acting in ways according to what the Bible teaches.

Everywhere in the world, the community has been improved when a church was started in that community. Less alcoholism, less crime, less hatred and more. Christianity is what has made America great and is the only thing that will truly keep America as a great nation.

A lot of this lawlessness, crime and corruption would not be happening if WE, the people, were honoring and following Jesus Christ as our LORD, Savior and role model. See how you can be a true follower of Jesus.

God Bless America in Jesus’ Name!