Ever desire for a word of confirmation or encouragement when facing an uncertain event? Am I doing the right thing, the right way? Am I pleasing God in what I am doing with my life? How can I get God to listen to my prayers? How many parents know how to raise their child and deal with every event with full confidence that their child will not die, but grow to adulthood and be successful? If I stand righteous before God, will I get the same results as these people are getting? How do I gain God’s favor and guidance in my life? What can we learn about standing righteous before God from Matthew 1:25b and Luke 2:21-39?

Obey God’s Rules – Joseph and Mary are Careful to be Obedient to the Mosaical Law and are Blessed! – Matthew 1:25b; Luke 2:21

On the eighth day, Jesus is circumcised and named according to the requirements of the Mosaical Law. This takes place at the local synagogue (in Bethlehem). Jesus is then dedicated at the Temple on fortieth day and the redemption sacrifice is offered for the firstborn of two turtledoves because they can’t afford a lamb. It is also the time in which the baby is named. Jesus is the same as Joshua which means “Yahweh (God) is Salvation!”

It appears that Joseph and Mary have decided to stay in Bethlehem. This will make the trip to Jerusalem for the dedication of the baby shorter and easier. Joseph is self-employed. He can easily take up his trade in Bethlehem! Joseph and Mary are obedient to God even though they don’t know all they would like to know as parents. Though Joseph and Mary are poor, they are never lacking of food, shelter or clothing!

We don’t do the eighth day and fortieth day rituals because we are no longer bound by the Old Testament. Instead, we live by the Great Commandments. Also, God doesn’t look on money as man does. He does not promise wealth on His followers, but He does promise to provide ways for us to acquire what we need to live on. Health, wealth and long life were promises to those who were obedient to the Old Covenant. In the New Testament, God promises forgiveness of sin and eternal life. That is much more important and valuable than what the Old Testament offered. Poor people are greater than rich people in the eyes of God. Our responsibility is to be obedient to God in every area of our lives. God knew that Joseph and Mary would be obedient to His Laws and that they would be responsible as parents of the Messiah. Can God trust you to be obedient to what He has called you to do?