It disturbs me to hear people use Jesus’ name as an expression of emotion or anger or even hatred towards someone or something.

Praying “in Jesus’ Name” is now prohibited in many government circles. They are trying to silence any mention of Jesus (because they think that by prohibiting our freedom of speech and religion, they can make Him go away and not feel convicted of their sin). Just like the Jews in the early days of the Church, non-believers think that suppressing the name of Jesus will cause Christianity to go away – Acts 5:40–42.

Followers falsely accused – Acts 6:12–14. When the Jews could not succeed in silencing the church, they set out to persecute and even kill Christians for their faith.

1. There is No More POWERFUL Name on Earth – Philippians 2:5–11; Acts 2:22–24

The power of the name of Jesus has changed people’s lives for almost 2,000 years. Jesus’ MIRACLES are proof of the power of His name, His life and His teachings. Turning water into wine, giving sight to a man born blind, calming a storm on the sea, healing a lame man who had never walked, casting demons out of people, healing people who just touched His garment, raising a man back to life that had been dead for three days. That is power beyond any man that ever lived.

That is why people use “Jesus” as a by-word or swear word. They subconsciously want Jesus’ POWER, but they do not want to believe in and follow Him. Or they just think it is “another name” and don’t think about whose name they are abusing. Instead of using Jesus’ name as a byword – use YOUR name or change it to something else.

That is why liberals, atheists and anti-Christs don’t want to hear the name of Jesus. They think that if they stop people from mentioning and praying in His Jesus’ name, they can remove Him from their conscience. Then they won’t have to believe in Him and let Him be in control of their lives.

That is why governments who don’t want to acknowledge Jesus as the supreme power try to ban it. They think they have more power than Jesus has and seek to suppress His name because it threatens their power. They cower to the atheists and anti-Christs, in part because they do not hear enough from the Christians in their districts. Advise them the Christians have a superior agenda than non-Christians.

2. Power in the Proof of His EXISTENCE – Acts 17:23

Our CALENDARS are based on the birth of Jesus Christ. That is proof of His existence and henceforth proof of His power. The Old Testament and New Testament further testify to Jesus’ existence on this earth and to His power and glory. There is no one that has ever been or will be more powerful than Jesus Christ. Use His name in PRAYER and LOVE.

Some people try to deny Jesus’ existence. They will claim that He was just another “great teacher”. If He was a great teacher and He says He was the Son of God, then he told the truth or He could not be a “great” teacher. There is POWER in the words that Jesus taught.

3. Power of His DEATH and RESURRECTION – I Corinthians 15:12-28

The Greatest demonstration of the POWER of Jesus was raising Himself back to life after His death on the cross – Romans 1:1-4. No other man has ever been able to do so. Even Houdini, who claimed that he would communicate back to the world after his death, is still dead. No one has been able to restore life to someone who had been dead for over 48 hours and no one has raised himself from the dead after three days. Jesus did and He did it to Lazarus and then He did it to Himself! That is real BIG POWER!

4. Power of LIFE to Those Who Believe – Acts 7:54–60; Acts 8:12

If Jesus had the power to raise Himself from the dead, then he proves He has conquered death and sin and that He can give you eternal life and victory over sin. – Acts 4:6-12

When we put our faith in Jesus Christ as our LORD, Savior and role model, we inherit eternal life with Him. When we use His name as a by-word, we show disrespect for whom He is and a NEGATIVE witness to those around us. – John 3:16; Acts 2:21. How do you COMMUNICATE Jesus’ power?

5. Power and Proof of God’s LOVE – Romans 5:6–8

Jesus’ power is proof of God’s love for you and His desire to have an eternal relationship with you. It is through Jesus’ power that you can have FORGIVENESS of sin. CONFESS Jesus as your LORD, be baptized in His name and use His name with respect.