You have a job to do – to move this big rock. Would you rather use a shovel or a back hoe? You are going to build a house to withstand a hurricane. Would you rather use Popsicle sticks or logs?

You want God’s power in your life, but are you forgetting what that power is and how to use it or are you tapping it daily in all you do? Are you receiving His power through a fire hose or a stirring straw?

Some Christians treat the Holy Spirit like it has no power in their lives. They have forgotten the Holy Spirit’s promise and power to indwell and guide them through this life. The Holy Spirit is given to us when we are baptized into Christ. – Acts 2:38. It is not an extra-cost option, but a gift.

Some think that this “filled with the Holy Spirit” is a sign of God’s presence in their lives. They think that their (emotion laden) behavior is proof that they have the Holy Spirit and imply that those who don’t do what they do are not “spirit filled”. Acts 2:4; 10:44-45

Some misinterpret what some call “filled with the Holy Spirit” and are reluctant to participate in that. They oppose such display and try to build a case on how “unholy” it is (in their estimation).

And around and around we go – not understanding what the power of the Holy Spirit really is. This may not be conclusive, but let’s examine some Scriptures and see if we can get a better understanding of that gift promised by our LORD and Savior and how to have more of that POWER in our lives.

A. What is the ROLE of the Holy Spirit?

1. COUNSELOR – John 14:16, 26 – Teach us to follow Jesus.

When you need to make a serious decision, do you take time to inquire of the Holy Spirit for His guidance? Is that job offer really suited for you? Is this a wise purchase or an impulse? Is that relationship one you want to build on or let go of? Sometimes He answers quickly – “Do it!”. Sometimes He waits to respond. Sometimes He says – “wait”.

I have often looked to Bible characters and found others who endured similar circumstances. Consider how God worked through the Holy Spirit in Scripture:

Peter – Acts 4:8-11, 31; 10:9–16 – how to speak for Christ

Paul – Acts 16:9 – Holy Spirit said “NO” to going to Asia

John – Revelation 1:9-11 – John speaks with the Holy Spirit

2. COMFORTER – John 15:26 – Will testify about Jesus. –

When you are suffering from a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual crisis, do you go to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to help you see and endure what you need to see and endure? How do you deal with the diagnosis of a serious disease or physical injury? What do you do with a wayward family member or close friend? Are you truly walking in harmony with what the Bible teaches regarding that behavior, habit or routine?

I have often looked to Bible characters and found others who endured similar circumstances. James 1:2-4.

John the Baptist – Matthew 14:3-5 – John waiting to be beheaded

Peter – Acts 12:1-4 – faced with death.

Paul – Acts 23:11 – Told he will testify in Rome.

Paul – I Corinthians 12:7 – “Thorn” to keep him dependent on God.

3. CONVICT – John 16:6-11 – Convict the world of sin.

Are you listening to the Holy Spirit when temptation is in front of you? Do you realize that He will be your conscience and warn you before you sin if you will listen to Him? He will convict you about when you need to stand up for God and against sin.

I have often looked to Bible characters and found others who endured similar circumstances. Jesus said – Matthew 5:6

Ananias & Sapphira – Acts 5:1-11 – Lied and paid the price

Simon the Sorcerer – Acts 8:9–24 – Repented and was spared

Paul and Barnabas – Acts 14:12-18 – People wanted to worship

How hungry are you for the Holy Spirit’s influence in your life?

What are you doing to seek the Holy Spirit’s presence and guidance in your life?

Romans 8 – Don’t live by the selfish flesh, but by the Holy Spirit

B. Indwelling of the Holy Spirit is a PROMISE from God

  1. Protects us from sin & death – Romans 8:1-4
  2. Christians controlled by the Holy Spirit – Romans 8:5-8
  3. The Holy Spirit is our evidence of being “in Christ” – Romans 8:9-11
  4. Live like one who is Spirit led – Romans 8:12-16

C. We are the CHURCH!

Are you engaging with the power of the Holy Spirit in your Walk, Worship and Witness?